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Our Philosophy

We have created an Institute where

YOU are our Priority.

For us the first and foremost goal is to fulfill your needs in the

Best Possible Way.

We are working tirelessly to serve you and solve all your hair related issues.

Our goal is to create a system where common man can also get

World Class Hair Treatment at Affordable Price.

We strongly believe that with our Mutual Co-operation and Understanding we can Work Together to solve your hair related issues in the Most Amicable Manner.

Our Story

For more than 20 years Hair Transplant remained out of reach of middle income group person. Hair transplant was supposed to be a luxury item which only rich people could afford. Common Indian could not even wish of getting hair transplant procedure done. The common man could not afford to undergo hair transplant procedure. The Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors used to charge lakhs of rupees for single sitting of hair transplant. There was no option for a salaried person to afford this treatment.

Our team of doctors also used to do hair transplant in some of the big hospitals and clinics of Delhi. There we realised that the cost of hair transplant can be cut down drastically without compromising the quality. If ethics of medical practice are followed by every doctor then the cost of hair transplant will come down immediately by 50%. If the team of hair transplant technicians and doctors become less greedy then the cost of hair transplant can be cut down by another 20%. We conducted a survey and we found out that the cost of hair transplant in Delhi could be brought down to 30% of present rate without causing financial loss to the doctors or clinics.

After this survey our team arrived at the conclusion that hair transplant can be made more affordable for the people of our country. Wave Hair Transplant Center is our humble effort in this direction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the hair transplant procedure affordable enough so that common man can also avail this gift of medical science. We are trying to take hair transplant procedure to the masses. We wish that even the people from far off places and villages can also get their hair transplant done in the capital of India. The class and excellence of hair transplant teams of Delhi should be within the reach of people living outside the capital state of Delhi. We aspire to do so and we will try our level best to achieve this. 




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